Today,it has been given a big surprise to us from parents who have joined together and held a meeting to give us thanks for our work. They gave us a beautiful wooden board with thank you and the magnet to each employee with special dedication. We appreciate this gesture, which makes us an indescrimisable tribute and an award.
We do not even imagine the most important feedback, and we feel that our work is meaningful in such moments.

This appreciation of parents is therefore also TTSK, which
We thank parents for the coherence between ourselves and us as a specialized device.


Barbecue is a popular activity during the summer season and a certain form of leisure with family and friends during the preparation of various delicacies. That's why we also decided to organise barbecue with a program for the whole family, with the aim of developing parents 's relationships with children, parents and with us. This way we seemed to be a suitable way of relaxation with the possibility to establish contacts or to strengthen links between them. This has created a space in which we have submitted a lot of useful information to address many situations with ou children. We also invited the parents, who we offer a service of early intervention, and so we met in the yard of specialized facility in a abundant number and spent
together pleasant moments. We are thankful to Jakub´s dad on behalf of the whole team, who
 played the accordion and also to all the moms and grandmothers who baked the great cakes. We believe, that you have enjoyed the barbecue as much as we have and are happy to participate
 on the next event.

City for all

Trnava without prejudice

The city of Trnava in cooperation with the Slovak company for Spina bifida and/or Hydrocephalme and Nádvorie-the area of contemporary culture organised  The CITY FOR ALL, which was aimed at promoting disabled people on June 26.  A rich program has been prepared for visitors to be presented with various social services for people with disabilities, activities of civil associations, creative workshops and others. People could try driving on a handbike, Boccia, sign language and wheelchair ride.

We have also been part of the market for genuine products in the beautiful Nádvorie, where we, in addition to the lighting and presentation of the Specialized Facility in Trnava, have sold our handmade products. Thank you for each product you purchased, the Pents are on behalf of our civic association.

Visiting of České Budějovice

On Monday, 17.6. 2019 we visited Auticentrum, O.P.S. in České Budějovice in order to create international cooperation. The Auticentrum provides regular activists and a remote service for people with autism from the year 2014. We are looking forward to having the opportunity to collaborate with highly qualified experts from our department and thus to sell each other valuable information and advice.

We thank the whole team Auticentrum for the warm reception and the pleasantly experienced moments...


On 29. April was held under the auspices of Trnava Region, Faculty of Social Sciences of University Ss. of Cyril and Methodius in Trnava, The Civic Associaton Society for a meaningful life in Trnava and The Company to help persons with autism in Trnava, 1. Professional conference with a thematic focus autism-loneliness that does not hurt. The conferences participated in significant personalities such as Prof. MUDr. Daniela Ostatníková, PhD. and PhDr. Daniela Jánošíková, PhD., which approached us by the issue of autism from a scientific point of view and gave us their knowledge of long-term experience. We are grateful that we could be part of the Conference and we appreciate all the new information that was presented to us.

Grand Opening

In the presence of Deputy Mayor József Berényi, staff and all invited guests, on February 5, 2019 a ceremonial opening of our facility took place. This way we want to thank all the sponsors for organizing the event and helping us to create a friendly atmosphere in which the whole event was brought. We firmly believe that our children and their parents will enjoy our premises because we have tried to create the conditions and spaces that meet the highest possible standards. We are very excited about the children and the cooperation with parents, and especially we will try to make them feel comfortable and safe in our facility. 

Donating 2% of taxes

 There is a period of opportunity to donate two percent. If you decide to support our civic association, we will be very grateful. 

A Specialized Facility in Trnava expresses you 


for the support and active help you spent during the past year 2018. Thanks to your contributions and gifts, we were able to create better conditions for our clients and meet the set goals and goals. Every form of assistance has been kind of personal benefit to our clients. We believe that our cooperation will continue in the future. 


                                                                                 Clients and team of Specialized Facility in Trnava



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Siemens s.r.o.

Gymnázium J. Hollého v Trnave : PaedDr. Veronika Gabaľová, PhD. a jej trieda

Rodina Majerníková z Majcichova

Tip Top Gastro s.r.o.: p. Stanislav Hrúz

Občianske združenie Hojdačka

Kvety Milka v Trnave: rodina p. Jakubca

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ZŠ a MŠ, Vančurova v Trnave: Mgr. Michaela Rakúsová a Mgr. Monika Horváthová

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Centrum Koburgovo, n.o.: Mgr. Juraj Štofej, PhD.

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