Vision, mission and goals of the facility

The vision of the facility is to ensure modernizing high-quality social services based on an ethical and professional approach through professionally qualified personnel. To achieve satisfaction through a human approach, flexible and high-quality social services. Continuous motivation of employees to actively use their professional potential, development of skills and knowledge for the benefit of themselves, clients and the facility.

Through the vision, we want to fulfill our mission. The primary mission of the service of the specialized facility is to address the individual, specific needs of children with autism spectrum disorder and other pervasive developmental disorders aged 3-12 years and to comply with the quality standards of the services provided in the facility. The mission of early intervention is to support a child of an early age up to 7 years of age and to support the birth of this child, to support the autonomy and independence of the family.

Main objectives:

  • Support the all-round and harmonious development of the child
  • To develop the child's individuality
  • Accustom the child to a healthy way of life
  • Provide the child with a sense of security and satisfaction
  • Support for the whole family

Specific objectives of the early intervention service:

  • Supporting the integration of the family into society and strengthening its competences and self-sufficiency
  • Stimulating the developmental possibilities of the child (psychomotor development, communication development, motor development).

The priority is therefore the all-round development of the personality of our clients, with a focus on their abilities, values, needs, and interests, with an emphasis on respect for basic human rights, freedom and the individuality of each client, which is covered by the creation of short-term and long-term individual plans, the aim of which is to achieve maximum possible degree of social integration.


,,Autism...offers a chance to look with wonder and open eyes at the world, which we otherwise avoided". Dr. Colin Zimbleman, Ph.D.