The provision of social services in a specialized facility is in accordance with Act no. 448/2008 on Social Services and on Amendment to Act No. 455/1991 Coll. on Trades Licensing (Trades Licensing Act), as amended. 

1. step

If the applicant is interested in receiving a social service provided at the Specialized Facility in Trnava, he / she will file a Request for social service reliance assessment together with annexes (documented adverse health status - photocopies of medical examinations, dismissal report, medical findings, etc.) to Trnava Self-Governing Region.

The application together with the attachments can be submitted personally to the Department of Social Affairs of the Trnava Self-governing Region or a postal item to: 

Trnava Self-Governing Region
Department of Social Affairs
P. O. BOX 128, Starohájska 10
917 01 Trnava

Trnava Self-Governing Region will issue an Act of the dependence on social services, in which it determines the degree of dependence and the type of social service to which the applicant will be dependent and it will be sent back to the applicant's address. 

2. step

Upon receipt of the Act of the dependence on social services with acquired validity, the applicant submits a Request for Provision of Social Services, either to Trnava Self-Governing Region (may be sent together with the Request for social service reliance assessment together with annexes referred to in 1.) Stepor to selected social service provider (Specialized Facility in Trnava). The application shall be sent together with the Act. 

3. step

Upon receipt of the Request for Provision of Social Services by our facility, the applicant will be asked in writing or by telephone to send the documents within 7 working days of delivery of the shipment: 
  • Advisory Opinion of the Dependence on Social Services
  • Documents from specialist doctors demonstrating autism diagnosis or autistic spectrum features (psychological report, neurological examination report, speech therapy, etc.) 
Relevant documents can be submitted by mail to the mentioned address, either personally or electronically to the e-mail address After reviewing the documents by the Social Commission of the Specialized Facility in Trnava, we will contact you in re to provide social services.

4. step

In order to conclude the contract and to agree on the terms and conditions, the applicant will be notified in writing of the date of the personal meeting to be brought to: 

  • Statement of Assets with a certifid signature
  • Confirmation of income for the previous calendar month of the two statutory representatives of a child within the meaning of Sections 72 and 72a of Act no. 448/2008 Z.z. on social services and on the amendment of amendments to Act no. 455/1991 Coll. on Trades Licensing (Trades Licensing Act), as amended, ie: 
  1. proof of income from the employer 
  2. confirmation of taking child allowance 
  3. confirmation of receipt of parental allowance 
  4. confirmation of receipt of a cash contribution to care 
  5. proof of receipt of a benefit in material need 
  6. the alimony judgment on juvenile children 
  7. confirmation of receipt of unemployment benefit 
  8. confirmation of the sickness benefits paid by the social insurance company  
  9. confirmation of registration at the Office for Unemployment in case of unemployment 

In case you have an irregular income, you need to provide a tax return that has been documented as last. 

If you are not registered at the Office for Unemployment or you have no income, you must provide a receipt from the Tax Office stating that you have no income and have not submitted a tax return. 

5. step

On the day of the child's arrival the following documents must be documented: 
  • a copy of the insurance card 
  • Pediatric Infectious Disease Notification (not older than 3 days) 
  • Birth Certificate of the child