Specialized Facility in Trnava is budget organization established by Trnava region. The facility provides the services in accordance with Section 39 of the Act. No. 448/2008 on Social Services.

"In the specialized facility, there is provided the social service to a natural person who is dependent on the assistance of another natural person, whose degree of dependence is at least V according to Annex no. 3 and has a disability, which is in particular Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, pervasive developmental disorder, multiple sclerosis, schizophrenia, dementia of a different type of aetiology, deafblindness, AIDS or severe psychosyndrome." (Act. No. 448/2008)

The facility is a newly opened service that operates since 1.1.2019. Complex care is provided through professional staff, consisting of social workers, special pedagogues, educators, psychologists, nurses and physiotherapists. 

Quality management in the facility

The amendment to the Social Services Act stipulates the obligation of social service providers to comply with the quality conditions of the provided social service. System of implementation of quality conditions according to the Act on Social Services in our facility. So our goal is to fulfill. comply with the quality conditions of the provided social service in accordance with Annex no. 2 deacon NR SR no. 448/2008 on social services. The fulfillment of this goal is controlled and evaluated by the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Family. The results of the assessment have a fundamental effect on other functioning devices.

The meaning of introducing a quality management system

The main goal is to provide high-quality social services to clients through clearly defined processes and procedures with a focus on client satisfaction, satisfying their requirements and needs, constantly improving the qualifications of employees and modernizing the facility. The fulfillment of the set measurable and time-bound quality goals is also continuously evaluated. Employees work according to established procedures in which responsibilities and powers are clearly defined.

Clients/clients' legal representatives are equal partners with the facility's employees and service providers in the provision of social services. The satisfaction of clients/clients' legal representatives with the services provided is regularly monitored.

Quality policy

Specialized facilities in Trnava will ensure the quality of their services through qualified personnel (Quality Team and Multidisciplinary Team)