The "Trnava Crisis Center" civic association founded the employees of the Crisis Center in Trnava and their family members in 2009. It was created on the basis of the need to help victims of violence. 

The Civic Association focused on helping mentally and physically abused, sexually abused and neglected children. But we also helped mothers with their children who were in a crisis situation. Thanks to our Citizens' Association, we were able to support all clients of the Crisis Center in Trnava in a variety of activities. We organized regular free-time activities that focused on the personal development of children and youth, the prevention of children's risk behavior and their parents. We also conducted ongoing one-off activities for clients throughout the year. Mothers with children placed in the Crisis Center welcomed these activities and some of them even participated in the organization. 

The Crisis Center in Trnava has disappeared since January 2019, so the original idea of ​​the Civic Association has lost its justification in this respect. We decided to continue, however, as the original headquarters of the Crisis Center was set up and its activity started with a specialized facility in Trnava. This device provides its services to children with autism spectrum disorders or other persistent developmental disorders, aged 3 - 12 years

Children with this developmental disorder can not see the stimulus of the outside world. Often they are closing in on their own, and they look like they have no interest in the surroundings. In reality, however, their perceptions of life are fixed and, as long as they work hard, they gradually become able to integrate among other people. 

In the Specialized Facility in Trnava, the whole team of employees from the previous Crisis Center in Trnava remained. The continuation of our "KCT" Citizens Association has got a new dimension. Together we can help not only these children but also their families.