Is provided in accordance with Section 39 of the Act. No. 448/2008 on Social Services:

"The early intervention service is provided to a child up to seven years of age if its development is at risk due to the disability and the family of that child."

"The early intervention service can be provided through an outpatient social service and a terrain form of social service through a field program."

Objectives of the early intervention:
  • promoting family integration into society and strengthening its competencies and self-sufficiency
  • stimulating child's developmental potential (psychomotor development, communication and motor development) 

The early intervention is intended to:

  • children with an early age of mental handicap and multiple disadvantages and children with a delayed development 
  • family, siblings and other members living in a common environment with a disabled child 

Our mission:

The mission of Early Intervention is to support early childhood up to 7 years of age and to support the child's family, to promote self-reliance and family independence.

We offer:

  • diagnostics, specialized social counseling 
  • psychological and special-pedagogical professional counseling
  • physiotherapy, stimulating the complex development of the child 
  • social rehabilitation (practice of spatial orientation and independent movement, training of use of compensatory aid, social communication, contact with the environment) 
  • community rehabilitation 

Members of a team:

  • family and child with endangered development or disability 
  • social worker, psychologist, special pedagogues, nurse, instructors of social rehabilitation, physiotherapist

Service provision form:

Field form (in the family and in the child's natural environment) and outpatient form (in the facility). 

Early intervention service is free of charge !!!